Publications of Staff

Books Published

  • Women Heroes and Dalit Assertion in North India, Sage, New Delhi, 2006
  • Upekshhit Samudayon ka Atma-Itihas: Edited by Badri Narayan, Bishnu Mohapotra and Anant Ram Mishra, Vaani Prakashan , New Delhi, 2006
  • Multiple Marginalities: An Anthology of Dalit Popular Writings, Manohar Publishers, New Delhi, 2004 (with A.R. Mishra )
  • Imagining Identities: A Catalogue of Dalit Heroes has been published in English by the DRC. This catalogue contains a brief description of the life and achievement of twelve social reformers, epical heroes, and freedom fighters who contributed immensely to the cause of providing a voice and identity to untouchables. They are Gautam Buddha, Sant Kabir, Sant Ravidas, Bijali Paasee, Satan Paasee, Lakhan Paasee, Veera Paasee, Jhalkari Bai, Nishadraj, Swami Achhutanand, Uda Devi, and Eklavya. It also has a page on Nishad Chitravali, which is a collection of photographs of Nishad heroes in the form of calendar (cover page enclosed). Its Hindi version is yet to be published.
  • The deliberations that emerged from the Workshop have been printed as Discourse and Dialogue: Dalit Popular Booklets, Democratic Participation, and Dalit Public Sphere- Documentation of the Brainstorming cum Workshop. These have been sent to the participants, scholars and activists working in the field of Dalit studies (cover page enclosed).
  • Badri Narayan, Domination: How the Fragments Imagine the Nation: Perspectives from Some North Indian Villages, Dialectical Anthropology, New York, March, 29: 123-140_Springer 2005
  • Hans, Special issue on Dalit Popular Writtings, December issue, 2007.

Articles in Edited Books:

  • BJP’s Political Strategies: Development, Caste, and Electoral Discourse, in the ‘Political Process in Uttar Pradesh’ (ed. Sudha Pai), Pearson Education, Delhi, 2007.
  • Popular Culture and 1857: Memory Against Forgetting, in The 1857 Rebellion(ed. Biswomoy Pati), Oxford University Press, New Delhi,2007.
  • Dalit and Memories of 1857, in Rethinking 1857 (ed. by Savyasachi Bhattacaharya), Orient Longman, 2007.
  • Reactivating the Past- Dalits and Memories of 1857, in 1857 essays from Economic and Political Weekly, Orient Longman, 2007 in association with Sameeksha Press

Articles in Journal:

  • Imagining the Past and Reconstructing Histories, Social Scientist , Vol 35/ Nos 9-10 September-October, 2007
  • Reactivating the Past- Dalits and Memories of 1857, Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. XLII, No. 19, May 12, 2007
  • Memories, Saffronising Statues and Constructing Communal Politics, Economic and Political Weekly, November 11-17, Vol. XLI No. 45, Mumbai, 2006
  • Caste Histories Among Dalits Purushartha, 22, (A volume on Transformations of Dalit and Tribal Society in South Asia), ed. by Christophe Jaffrelot, Marrin Carin, Centre d.Etudes del Inde et del, Asie du sud, EHESS, Paris.
  • Badri Narayan, Reactivating Past: Dalit and Memories of 1857, Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. XLI I No. 19, May 12-18, New Delhi, 2007 Academic Output of Project Staffs
  • Badri Narayan, Reactivating Past: Dalit and Memories of 1857, Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. XLI I No. 19, May 12-18, New Delhi, 2007

Academic Output of Project Staffs

  • Badri Narayan and Brijendra Gautam, Mahasangram Mein Daliton Ki Bhagidari, Aajkal, New Delhi, May 2007.
  • Dr. Archana Singh, Samta Mulak Samaj: Swapna Ya Yatharatha, Bayan, July, 2007.
  • Minu Jha, Reviewed Ananta Kumar Giri’s book ‘Dialogues with Movements and Volunteer Organizations, Sage publications, to be published in July issue of Journal from Madras Institute of Development Studies, 2007.
  • Nivedita Singh and Brijendra Gautam “Dalit Sahitya –Aatma Svabhimaan ki Ladai” Hans, December issue, 2007.
  • Nivedita Singh, ‘A Common Heritage of Pain‘, Himal South Asian, Kathmandu, Nepal, May, 2007
  • Nivedita Singh, Dalit Lok Lekhan, Vagarth, Bhartiya Bhasha Parishad, September, 2006, Kolkata.
  • Nivedita Singh, Samman Ki Pariyojna: An article published in Sahara Smay Weekly Newspaper, Allahabad, October 22, 2005.
  • Brijendra Gautam, Mahasangram mein Dalito ki Bhaagidaari, Aajkal, May 07, issue
  • Brijendra Gautam, Dalit Samaj aur Svatantrata ka Prashna, Dalit Today,July,06 issue
  • Brijendra Gautam, Dalit Rajniti aur yeh Samaj, ‘Dalit Asmita Visheshank’ Bayan, March-April, 2007