Forthcoming Event

Concept Note

A two day Brainstorming Workshop on “Democracy, Culture and Marginality: A Concluding Interface” is going to be held on 13 – 14 December, 2013 at G. B. Pant Social Science Institute, Jhusi, Allahabad. This Workshop is based on the Project “Cultural Resources and Forging a Democratic Order: Marginalized Groups in Northern India: A Research, Documentation and Dissemination Project” which we have completed in a period of three years. In this Workshop, we would like to explore new possibilities emerging from advocacy done in this project through various discussions and discourses. To explore the issue further we invite community intellectuals, folk intellectuals (Lokgyani) popular saints, academicians, social scientist and critiques.

During the aforementioned Project we tried to understand how Bhakti popular sects played an important role in shaping the democratic consciousness against the autocratic social structure of middle era, and is still helping marginal people to articulate their perspective on the issues of power and democracy. In this Project we organized four Lokdhuni and seven Lokgyani conferences. Through these conferences we tried to understand the relationship of democracy and culture and how they deepen each other and its impact on the life of marginals.

The brainstorming would also be an attempt to see the possibility of advocacy by amalgamation of Culture, Identity and Politics and exploring the new ways of dalit empowerment. This meet would also explore new elements and hypothesis that have emerged from the present project and what are the interpolations which are sharpening the critical discourse of the marginal community and upholding its contemporariness?

Basically the brainstorming would be an exploration of new research, reviewing of the work of the past three years and framing steps for moving forward in the future researches.

Scholars from diverse fields will be invited to participate in the discourse. Leela Dhar Mandloi, Akhilesh, Awadhesh, Ajay Tiwari, Kedar Mishra, Dr. Ramchandra, Budha Sharan Hans, Dr. Devendra Choubey, Rameshwar pawan,  Ashish Tripathi, Sri Prakash Shukla, Guru Prasad Madan, Arun Kamal, S. Saajeevan Nath “bodhacharya, Preeti Choudhary and will be participated in the programme.