Cultural Meet in Mumbai

A Two- day Cultural Meet in Mumbai on November 18-19,2014

G B Pant Social Science Institute, Allahabad is organising a two day cultural meet in Mumbai on November 18-19,2014, under the project ‘Migration and Cultural Traditions of Bhojpuri Region – A Research and Documentation Programme’ under the aegis of Sir Jamset ji Tata Trust, Mumbai. The objective of this meet is to study and document the cultural heritage of Bhojpuri speaking migrant labourers who have left their villages in Bihar and UP to work in different places within India like Surat, Delhi and Mumbai.

This discourse will create awareness about the cultural heritage of the Bhojpuri migrants, who are looked upon as mere labourers in their destination points. It will also give an insight into the continuity and change that has taken place in their folk forms due to the space and time.
In this Cultural meet, we will try to analyse the cultural legacy of migrants, the Bidesia Folk Tradition of the Bhojpuri region that rests heavily on the pangs of separation. We will document that how exposure of the migrants to other languages and cultures, in addition to the new experiences gathered by them, make the new interpolations in the Folk Tradition, at the destination points,.

The main issues we will focus in this meet will be:
• What is the role of folk culture in the everyday life of the migrant labourers
• Cultural creativity in the lives of migrants
• How has the folk culture helped the migrants and those left behind to grapple with the emotional loss?
• What have been the major shifts and changes in this vibrant folk tradition?

Eminent academicians working on Migration and culture, litterateurs, Folk singers, Folk poets (kavijee), folk theatre artistes and folk story tellers will to be invited to interact on aforementioned issues with prominent singers, theatre persons, painters and singers who are established and renowned in their spheres.