Amrai II – in Patna and Chhapra

Amrai II – in Patna and Chhapra on December 16- 18, 2014

G B Pant Social Science Institute, Allahabad is organising a two day cultural meet ‘Amrai II’ in Patna and Chhapra on December 16- 18, 2014, under the project ‘Migration and Cultural Traditions of Bhojpuri Region – A Research and Documentation Programme’ under the aegis of Sir Jamset ji Tata Trust, Mumbai.

This objective of this meet is to study and document the trajectory of rich cultural heritage of eminent folk litterateur of Bhojpuri, Bhikari Thakur and Mahendra Mishra from colonial to contemporary time. Bidesia (from the word Bides or Videsh meaning ‘foreign’)is the Folk Tradition of the Bhojpuri region that had evolved during the colonial period when a huge population of Bhojpuri people left the Indian shores to work in sugarcane, cocoa, jute and other plantations in the Caribbean countries. The pain and anguish of the people of the Bhojpuri region at this mass migration gave birth to this distinct folk culture that narrated the agony and grief of both the migrants and their loved ones left behind. The folk culture of the Bhojpuri region is constantly changing and evolving due to impact of contemporary migration. In present time, folk poets (kavi ji) are carrying this tradition forward and the emotion produced by the separation, is still running through it.

The issues we will focus in this meet will be:
• Why do some folk forms decay and die in the process of evolution
• how do these diminishing forms reflect the memory of that time
• how do new folk forms and contents develop and acquire life
• How has interaction amongst the folk singers and artistes, both at the destinations and homeland affect the folk repertoire

Eminent academicians, litterateurs, Folk singers, folk theatre artistes, folk story tellers and folk performers will interact with prominent singers, theatre persons, performers and singers who are established and renowned in their spheres. The discourse between the two would empower the folk artistes engaged in different forms. Eminent academicians and litterateurs, too will enrich their experiences as they will come in close contact with the ground realities, which will sensitize them towards the problem of left ones at homelands.